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What is a Russian Scam - photos, names and emails of Russian scammers

Russian Scam is about Russian scammers and Russian scams. Russian Scam is one of the oldest Russian scammers website. This is a non-profit website dedicated to protection against fraud in the international dating industry (mainly for so called "Russian brides scams"). We are publishing Russian scams since 2002.

Learn about Russian dating scam tactics used by Russian scam artists from Russia and Eastern Europe. Browse the names and Russian scammer photos of reported scammers. Search the Russian scammer by first name, last name, city or country.

We believe that only joint efforts can help to separate legitimate services from fraudulent ones, and we invite all agencies that deal with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere to join our program. Let's give the chance to honest, sincere Russian women as well as women from other countries, who search for their soul mates.

Together we can make a difference!

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Russian dating websites where you can date a Russian girl in a scam free environment.


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